Monday, January 4, 2010

The next two weeks will be spent at the McGregor Summer School in Toowoomba Queensland and though I will be teaching and enjoying the classroom atmosphere, my own task I have set for myself if I sneak some private time, is to work conscientiously on my ideas for A Letter a Week for 2010. New posts in due course ...

A Letter a Week for 2010

Fiona (Paper Ponderings) and I have been discussing this little project since just before the new year. With Fiona's idea we have nutted out the bibs & bobs and we would welcome anyone with a passion for letter forms to join us ... read on my friends ... read on:

The aim is simply to:
· Write a letter a week
· Creating 52 letters
· Which must form 2 x alphabets
· By the end of 2010

The only real rule is that the letter must be presented on a piece measuring 7cm x 7cm

· We can use any medium, on any surface.
· We can use any hand or representation of a letter.
· The presentation of the final product is up to each of us – we could mat and frame the pieces as a work of art; we could make a stack of cards, we could bind them individually; we could bind them in a book; we could cover a box with them....

We can also use any theme or approach we wish in the project – we may choose to do all our letter in black and white and red; we may choose not to repeat a combination of medium and surface; we may choose to be experimental; we may choose an animal theme; we may choose a letter linked to a poem....

We may start at the beginning of the alphabet, the end of the alphabet, we may make two alphabets simultaneously or we may just decide that today feels like a “D” day and decide to write a “D”

We will also aim to do a monthly sharing – on the first Wednesday of a month, we will share photos of our letters from the previous month. How’s that for prescriptive!

Other than that, I think we just go do what we want to do. Feel free to invite other calligraphers to join and do a letter a week; or other artist types who might want to do a 7cm x 7cm piece a week...

Depending on how we go, and where we are and what our final pieces look like; it might be nice to try and arrange a showing or mini-exhibition of the pieces once we have finished . Wednesday 3 February we will each need to have 4 x letters ready to show, and perhaps some words about our approach/theme or what we are hoping to achieve.



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Visit my website too!
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