Thursday, June 15, 2017

The journey begins ...

To say I am fortunate is an understatement. Time and time again I find myself in the most wonderful of situations that allow me to experience extraordinary things.  What I love most is I am always ... always learning something new. Today for example I saw my first driver less car.  Never!!!! I could barely believe it.  Some one reading this in fifty to one hundred years time may chuckle and say "cars had drivers?".  I am in Pittsburgh after all.

I guess you could say today is day two of this particular journey. Day one was spent on a series of aircraft to get me from Tasmania to Pittsburgh USA. The route I like to take when traveling to the US is Sydney - Dallas avoiding that horrible commuter nightmare, LA.  All the flights went well, reasonably on time and smooth transitions. I am getting to know Dallas/Fort Worth very well and would highly recommend it.  For me it is a suitable hub for flying in from Australia and connects me to pretty well anywhere in the States in reasonable time.

I kick of this teaching tour with a weekend workshop 17th & 18th for the Pittsburgh Calligraphy Guild. After that I head to Salt Lake City before heading to Texas for three workshops. I am privileged.

One of the things I have wanted to do on a trip but always thought about it too late, is taking photos of all the doorways I enter ... within reason. So I'll start with the door to my room at the In Residence Marriott Hotel in Oakland Pittsburgh here in the health and University district - Carnegie-Melon, of Pittsburgh. Quite ordinary really just like any hotel door, but is is always good to know the number just in case one has had too much to drink as my son-in-law Shane and I recently chatted about. Gosh we really should have done this in China recently where The Oboe Player (TOP for short) and I spent thirteen days in seven different hotels.

May they be of more interest from here on!

I collapsed into bed about 9,30pm last night and sank in a welcome sleep ... in a prone position as I was not in a prime position on any aircraft.  Today I am taking it easy, getting over my jet lag and doing okay so far, that is ... after waking at 3am and feeling I should be out and about already.

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On the plane, I watched three movies and read half a book! The best movie was "Hidden Numbers" excellent true story. I highly recommend it.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

A sickness grips the world ...

The sickness gripping the world is not about good and evil, I think it is about sickness and health. 

Overcoming sick desires to kill and maim for purposes one has convinced themselves is in the name of a god, allah, deity, avatar ... name it what you will may be able to be curbed over time with education, counseling for those lost nobodies who support these criminal barbaric acts.

I feel it is too late for the perpetrators of these violent crimes to be rehabilitated but it is not too late for younger men & women who find themselves with these violent tendencies. As it appears there are consistent barbaric events perpetrated in the name of Allah, not always but mostly, both home grown and not. I believe, more and more emphasis should be placed on prevention rather than cure. A true health analogy. There will be no negotiating with perpetrators, their sickness is so great they intend to die.

As I heard it this morning can not more young counselors be employed to work with youth to guide these youngsters into to more meaningful lives to live and enjoy?  Where is respect, understanding, love and caring coming from in relation to our youth, from us, our parents, leaders, teachers, our community?  Ask ourselves what is going on and help try and stop it. Take little steps in every way that we can see fruitful.  Even if we can't think of any help we can give, at least "think"!

Of course as is always the case, it is a few who destroy it for the rest but if we can all work with the grass routes of our societies and if we took it upon ourselves to make sure our friends and family are safe and mentally well then surely we will spread the goodwill needed.  If only we had as many young counselors as we do police.

It will take generations but it starts here.

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Visit my website too!
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