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Website title for Botaniko

Have a little look at this website title I created:  Botaniko
I am very happy with the result.

2016 Studio Workshop One

2016 studio classes have started and we are in full swing for the coming year. First up was this lovely Capitalis Rustica.

Each class is a one-day stand alone workshop and participants enrol in the workshop of their choice. With a maximum of six students here in my studio the class is always enjoyable as the students (and tutor) form close bonds and learn heaps!

Sturt Summer School ... out and about

A sampler of student & my work from the 
Italian Hand & Ampersands of Bennardino Cataneo
Sturt Summer School
Mittagong NSW, Australia








 Class demonstrations

Table view

 ... too lovely not to show ...

An old stairway

  ... to show the way ...

Cataneo ligatures demonstration

Weathergrams, walks and wonders ...

My last post to you was just under one month ago.  What a time it has been.  Work has taken a good part of my time with a major commission for the Australian Catholic University that saw me working pretty much right up to leaving the Island for mainland Australia.  As Christmas drew closer and closer I will admit that I was feeling more and more guilty that I had not prepared our usual new year greeting card.  Why is it we feel guilty that we haven't done something just because we have been under pressure to do something else?  It is not that sending the cards to friends & family isn't important, it is. They just didn't get done.  Perhaps I have made a rod for my on back by creating a hand designed card for the past thirty something years, having it printed, writing the inserts as well as calligraphic envelopes.  2015/2016 not a one was sent and the upshot of it is   g  u  i  l  t .

Strange phenomenon guilt.
Notwithstanding, I/we (David & I) actually do wish all my…