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Form the excitement of Offenbach am Main to the magic of Salmunster

Just before I left Offenbach am Main for Bad Soden-Salmunster, I accidentally cut my finger thus …

I was hoping to avoid this ...

… but I reached the top of the platform at least …

I was not to know that at the other end there was a down staircase … with a surprise up staircase just to test me out.  I'll bring you more from the magical monastery town of Bad Soden-Salmunster real soon but in the meantime, I'm working' here!

Schreibwerkstatt-Klingspor Maria & Karlgeorg Hoefer Museum

I found calligraphers heaven!  It is right here at the Schreibwerkstatt-Klingspor Museum in Offenbach am Main.  I didn't find it on my own of course.  When I flew into Frankfurt yesterday I was met by the lovely Christina Brunella who took care of me after my long long flights. Christine drove me to her home where I had a long awaited shower, some beautiful breakfast of fresh fruit and croissants in her luscious and abundant walled garden.  I felt refreshed and ready to take on the day.
Vielen dank Christine.

Then my day turned to wonderment. 

For calligraphers this museum is an absolute must see.  I stood for hours and admired German and international calligrapher's work that I haven't had the opportunity to see as originals or editioned other than in books.  The collection holds pieces by Hermann Kilian, Rudolf Koch, Maria Hoefer, Karlgeorg Hoefer, Katharina Pieper, Jean Larcher, Susanne Moore, Gudren & Hermann Zapf, Gottfried Pott,  Julian Waters, Sheila Waters, Ca…

Jet lagged

There is something exciting as well as frightening about taking off for over two months to the northern summer on your own.  And what is worse is getting so horribly jet lagged that you find yourself on the bathroom floor, going through the hot and cold sweats and ending up throwing up in the toilet. Yes, that was me last night. Luckily the Hotel Graf has a sweet and clean little bathroom that it made the vomiting so much more pleasant.  How ghastly!

Today however I managed to rest here at the Hotel Graf and venture out to enjoy the twilight evening. There is an almighty festival going on down at the River Main so I wandered the streets, strolled the walkways, bought a beer to blend in, drank it and loved it of course, listened to the bands and basically sucked up the atmosphere. When in Offenbach am Main in the summertime …

The old and the New. My hotel is just through here.

Behind me here is the River Main.

I thought this was going to be one of those Rhine River cruisers but as it …

The Dawnings

I have created four new works to take away with me.  This is one of them. The last time I did this series was in Canberra about ten years ago and they were worth revisiting.

T  H  E     D  A  W  N  I  N  G  S

 The images could be slightly better however these shall suffice.

Australian colours

No matter where I teach I always try to create a little something, a memento if you like, for the class participants.  I started on this lot yesterday for the northern summer tour.

There is something really seductive about paper & ink.  

Australian Colours

Australian Landscapes

Lift off, Thursday 25th June but for now it is back to the drawing board!

Today in the post …

Today a special little parcel arrived from my friend Annie in Canberra.  These nibs will get a great working out my friend.  I have already given one of my "lovelies" some and I expect miracles from her.  I am grateful to have such kind friends.
Thank you Annie!

The teapot and ink pots are mine :-)

Venezia 2015

Venezia: calligraphy week please join me places available enrolment open
27th - 30th August 2015

"Lettere Longobarde – Maiuscole e MInuscole, pennino e matita"

Shhhhh ...

s n e a k   p e e k

e m b a r g o e d

Correspondence in

It is amazing how one accumulates correspondence. This is the correspondence pile for the grand tour, dates 25th June - 4th September 2015.  I well know that one should always think twice about printing out emails etc. this pile however is after I thought twice!  I calculate this pile would be four times the height if I had have printed the lot.  I can barely imagine how many hours and hours have been spent on corresponding with contacts around the world all of whom I suspect are volunteers.  To them I say thank you. Without whom I would not be enjoying the privilege. Visit my website for the itinerary.

Back on board!

After an absence of over six months I have returned to continue my weblog. My sparkle was lost for a while. I am grateful to be back on board.

On Wednesday of this week my friend MJ and I visited Triabunna after an invitation to introduce the District School's grades five and six to calligraphy and to show the DVD the Apology Manuscript.  To think, these kiddies were only one or two years old when the apology to Australia's Indigenous Peoples was made.  Tempus fugit.  With the assistance of MJ the children enjoyed every minute of learning how to write in a simplified uncial while I wrote everyone a bookmark to go home with.
I found this very fine, very black, very big ink stick in an antique shop at Sorell on the way.  I thought I would share it with you. 

This little fellow has given me hope.

In a few weeks I will be taking on the largest teaching tour of my life. 
Watch this space to keep a track of my travels, if you wish.