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Dorothy's books ...

When Arthur, David's father, passed away earlier this year I offered to bind all the cards, letters and what-nots into a book for Dorothy, Arthur's wife.  Finally I have made the time to do this little task and here they are.

A text block is normally knocked-up to be even top, base and foredge ... and of course the spine but the issue with commercial cards is they are all different sizes, paper weights and materials so it was tricky. This Coptic binding works very well as all the cards open flat and are easy to read. I pasted the cards from flowers in as well plus letters and notes.  Enough for three books!

I created the paste-painted papers some time ago and chose a sheet from my collection to use for all three books, front and back.

They will be in the post tomorrow!

A spot for the cars ... just finished

Carport design (a combination of peoples) and built by

Island Workshop

Very, very happy!

David's car goes here!

I love cooking ...

... so we have redesigned the kitchen. It is all but finished ...

 Painting: tree in north west Tasmania by Gary Myers

And ... if you like corn & potato chowder let me know and I put up my recipe.
And ... there was a black and white of the same breath.

Botanical & Natural History Artist - Leonie Norton

If you have a moment, pop into my friend Leonie Norton's blog.
Leonie's blog will take you on a journey of botanical and natural history subjects in the most exquisite watercolours. She also runs holiday sketching tours.  I loved Leonie's book "Women of Flowers - botanical art in Australia from 1830's to 1960's" I read all the essays in one evening sitting up in bed. And I like to refer to it every now and then.
Leonie and I have often taught at Sturt Australian Contemporary Craft & Design summer & winter schools, where we first met.
For a little book!
"Poppies" by Polly Woods
November 2012

... from the drawing board ...

"Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schon" A little present for a friend who loves Mozart & Fritz Wunderlich who sings this from "The Magic Flute"

Botanica & Freycinet by Larry Belbin, Mixed Media

A document

The Motion of Apology to the Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants.
It was an honour and a privilege.

 Some adjustments had to be made.  The board needed the roll at the base so I could gently slide the vellum around the table as I worked. A sure way not to crease the vellum.
Click on any of the images to enlarge them.

The text block in pen & ink had to be done first. I used Korean stick ink which gives the finest and the crispest letter forms and hairlines with 1.5, 1 & 3/4 Brause nibs. This beautiful piece of calf skin vellum was so delicious to write on, it was calligraphy heaven!

 The penned illuminated initials.

 The penciled Coat of Arms



 Detail of the gilding. The gilding always comes before any colour so the gold does not stick to the gouache.

 Detail again.

A close-up of some of the flourished capitals.
A swatch must be made for each and every document so the same skin or paper is being used. This is a safeguard and a sure way to know the…