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Split-colour palette

Cool Colour Theory - this one with watercolours
The first segmented ring holds all three, primary, secondary and tertiary colours.
The outer segmented rings hold the chromatic greys

It was with much pleasure and delight that I worked for the Buderim Calligraphy Group on the weekend. I ran a split-colour palette workshop with the "Ford Colour Wheel". I call it the Ford colour wheel in tribute to my tutor at the ANU School of Art. The beauty of this colour wheel is that not only do you mix the primaries, secondaries and the tertiaries you learn to mix the stunningly beautiful chromatic greys and draw them out with water ... there really is something about colour which just grabs you! Whether you love soft pastels or striking vivid colours, warm or cool colours just experimenting, researching and developing a palette is soul rewarding.

The class was divided on their choice of first colour wheels, almost half and half, warm to cool. It was good for observation purposes.

Thank you Bu…
A wonderful day with thanks to James our pilot, Lidwina and Janna. All creative and wonderful friends.
This is where I live at the Maleny Arts Retreat ... until Easter
Flying over the tip of Bribie Island
Over Crook Neck

Janna & Gemma

When I woke up this morning I had no idea of the wonderful day which lay ahead ... I:
had my morning coffee, chat and catch up with Fiona's in town at Monicas ... wonderfulmet and greeted visitors from Finland to the Gallery hosted by the Maleny Rotary Club where they had lunch, enjoyed the views and the artworks ... rewarding
got a call from Captain James to say the afternoon was going to be perfect for flying so up the four of us went ... awesome

Awesome is the only word for it. Enjoy these pictures.

My first letter for "a letter a week" check out the blogspot. There are great letters coming down every few minutes.
Today I did a little calligraphy on Heather Gall's artwork, a poem by Jill Morris. The paper was 300gsm cold press and a little difficult to write on considering the damp. I did however have some modicum of success. The layout and punctuation was rigidly dictated so I couldn't change the layout to something a little more pleasing. The artwork is gorgeous so I thought I would share it with you.

Anyone for playing Misty for me ...

Today, more rain and more mountain mist ...
Meanwhile back at the barn the mountain mist continued to roll through bringing rain, rain and more rain.

Montville Girls

Janna Pameijer, GB (looking ragged), Lyn de Silva & Kerry Norman in the cute little hat, had a lovely lunch at the Bar & Grill in Montville today. Then we all had to get back to work!